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DMV Driver Improvement Made Easy

Forget about tedious classrooms and inconvenient scheduling. Take your DMV Virginia Driver Improvement course online, and experience the freedom and convenience of completing your requirements from your computer!

  • Log in and out from anywhere, anytime
  • Set your own schedule and pace
  • Videos and animated lessons – no textbooks
  • Complete your requirements from home!

With the ability to come and go as you please, you can finish your course around your schedule without ever inconveniencing your daily life. Work from any computer at your own comfortable speed—there’s no easier way to go!

Driver Improvement Eligibility

This course has been designed for drivers who have been ordered by the Virginia DMV to complete a driver improvement course. You may only take this online course if you are at least 20 years of age or older—otherwise, you will be required to complete it in a classroom setting.

Enjoy the Extra Freedom Audio Provides!

Break away from your desk and move around. It's actually fun to learn while you listen.
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Some of Our Many Advantages Include:

  • Free Unlimited Retakes
  • State-specific material for safe, responsible driving
  • Engaging videos and graphics for an entertaining experience
  • Friendly Customer Support
Set Your Schedule & Pick Your Pace

The biggest advantage of online courses is the complete flexibility they provide for busy drivers like you. When you study without the constraints of a classroom, you can:

  • Work from any computer
  • Study as fast or slow as you wish
  • Fit your lessons around your schedule
  • Work without pressure or deadlines

Not only do you save time and money by not driving to and from an out-of-the-way classroom course, but you also get to work as much or as little as you choose at time, and complete your lessons around your existing schedule! What’s more convenient that that?

Course Breakdown

This DMV-approved Virginia Driver Improvement online course consists of 8 chapters that equal a total of 8 hours, as required by the state. However, you may work through those chapters at any pace and schedule that you wish… all at once or in smaller sessions—the choice is entirely yours.
Each of the chapters focuses on a single subject for easier concentration, and will teach you through a combination of interactive multimedia tools, including:

  • Videos and animations
  • Audio clips and graphics
  • Visual and interactive teaching aids

You’ll complete each lesson with a multiple-choice 10-question quiz that requires a passing score of 80% or higher, and you are allowed unlimited retakes to achieve success. Similarly, your final exam (which is 50 multiple-choice questions) gives you an unlimited number of retakes to pass it with an 80% or higher, so you are guaranteed to pass your course and meet your DMV requirements!

A Note on Your Final Exam

Virginia state law requires all online Driver Improvement students to take their final exams in a certified testing center. We will provide you with a list of testing centers near you during the sign-up process, and you will then need to make an appointment at that center when you are ready for your exam. All you need to do after that is sign into your course through your regular username and password and take your test! You are allowed one retake every 24 hours.

Have Questions? We’re Here!

If you have any questions about your course, your final exam process, the course material, or anything else, we’re standing by! Our Customer Support team consists of trained representatives and licensed driving instructors who can give you the answers you need whenever you need them. Simply give us a call or send an email—we’ll be there!

We are DMV Approved


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