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All About Your Virginia Driver Improvement Course
Your Virginia Defensive Driving course is state–and court–approved by the Virginia DMV and courts throughout the state. With these courses, you can dismiss your tickets, reduce license points, and even earn 5 Safe Driving points right from the comfort of your home! The course is 100% online and entirely self-paced, so it works around your schedule. Log in and out whenever it's convenient, and work through your course the way you see fit!
Is this course approved by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles and by all courts in the state of Virginia?

Yes. This course is recognized by state authorities and courts as a valid and equally approved alternative to the standard classroom traffic schools.

Who Should Take This Course?

These courses are open to all Virginia residents who need to dismiss a ticket, reduce their points, satisfy a court/DMV requirement, or even earn an insurance discount. We offer courses specific to your particular needs, including:

  • Court–and DMV–required courses to reduce points and fines from a traffic ticket
  • Voluntary Insurance Discount and Safe Driving courses which will save you money and earn you 5 Safe Driving Points
  • A course for Non-Residents who want to dismiss a ticket they received in Virginia.

No matter what you need, our Virginia Driver Improvement courses will fit the bill!

How long with this Virginia Internet Course take me to complete?
The Virginia DMV requires this driver improvement course to last a minimum of 8 hours. So whether you’re a speedy reader, or you like to take your time, all students who take this course will meet the state-mandated 8-hour limit.
What is the cost of this course, and is it more expensive than taking a classroom course?
The cost is $34.50. Classroom courses may range from $40.00 to $75.00 depending upon the company or agency providing the course.
Does report my course completion directly to the DMV or other authoritative body?

In accordance with Virginia State requirements for Internet courses, we report student completions electronically to the Virginia DMV. You will also receive a printed certificate that is sent via first class mail from our office to the address that you provided when you registered for the course. If you have been directed by a court to attend this course, you will need to sign your original Certificate of Completion and submit it to the appropriate authority. It is a good idea to make a photocopy of the original Certificate of Completion to retain for your records. If you require further information regarding the fulfillment of your obligation to the court, please call the court that directed you attend a driver improvement course.

NOTE: It is ultimately the responsibility of the student, not the course vendor, to ensure that completion of a court-directed driver improvement course is reported to the appropriate authority.

Is taking an online course easier than taking it in a classroom?
While the course topics and material you’ll learn through this online course are the same as what you’d review in a classroom, the way you learn online can make it seem easier. There’s no driving around, no set schedule, and you can rewind and review topics repeatedly until you are confident you’ve mastered that information.
Is there a set timeframe to complete the course?
Your court or DMV deadline is the only deadline you need to meet. This online course offers you the freedom to study and learn at your convenience and at your own pace.  Just be sure you complete your course by your assigned deadline.
What happens if I fail the Final Exam?
You may review and retake the course online for FREE until you pass. However, per Virginia rules, you can only take the final exam once per calendar day.
Is your site secure?
Yes, our site is 100% secure! We use a secure server (you'll see a lock icon at the bottom of your browser window) during all payment transactions. You are also free to pay by phone if you prefer, by calling our customer service office.
What if I still have questions?
If you didn’t find the information you’re looking for here, we’re available 7 days a week to answer all your questions. Call our Customer Support team toll free at (800) 990-2813, or email your question to us. We’re happy to help!
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