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When you take a Virginia Driver Improvement course voluntarily, you stand to earn 5 Safe Driving points for your driving record… just by proving that you’re a safe and responsible driver! This course is quick and easy, giving you the ability to work around your existing schedule and at your own comfortable speed.

  • No classrooms or textbooks
  • Study entirely at your convenience
  • Flexible platform to fit any schedule
  • 24/7 access from any computer

There’s absolutely no hassle or fuss when it comes to earning bonus points for your driving record. Simply take your Voluntary Virginia Driver Improvement course on your own time, and earn those 5 Safe Driving points with ease!

Course Eligibility

As long as you are over the age of 20 and do not have any pending traffic violations, you may enroll in this course to earn your 5 Virginia Safe Driving Points! Drivers younger than 20 years of age may still earn these points—you will simply be required to do so through a traditional classroom course.

You may only complete this course once every 2 years to earn a point credit.

Enjoy the Extra Freedom Audio Provides!

Break away from your desk and move around. It's actually fun to learn while you listen.
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Some of Our Many Advantages Include:

  • Free Unlimited Retakes
  • State-specific material for safe, responsible driving
  • Engaging videos and graphics for an entertaining experience
  • Friendly Customer Support
Keep Your Record Clean

Not only is this course incredibly easy to do—it can also be incredibly helpful for your driving record! When you take this online Virginia Driver Improvement course voluntarily, you will be awarded 5 Safe Driving points to your driving record. These points can act as a buffer in the event that you do receive a traffic ticket down the road. Any demerit points you happen to incur due to that ticket will be offset by your Safe Driving points, keeping your driving record sparkling clean!

How It Works

This DMV-approved Virginia Driver Improvement Clinic meets the state-mandated 8 hour time length – however, since you have no court or DMV deadlines to meet, you can work through it as fast or slow as you choose! Each of the chapters covers a single topic for easier concentration, including:

  • Virginia state traffic laws
  • Road signs and traffic signals
  • Common driving mistakes (speeding, following, merging, etc.)
  • Night and highway driving skills
  • Defensive driving and hazard prevention techniques

Each chapter ends with a quick 10-question quiz, which you can pass with a score of 80% or higher (and you get unlimited retakes!). When you finish all of the quizzes, you will be required by law to take your multiple-choice final exam at a certified testing center… but don’t worry, because we will give you the ability to find a center near you when you sign up for the course. Simply show up, sign into your course as usual, and take your test. You get unlimited chances to score an 80% or higher, so you’re guaranteed to earn those Safe Driving points!

Engaging Multimedia Lessons

Who wants to sit and learn through boring textbooks and lectures? Not you! That’s why the course has been jam-packed with the latest and greatest in teaching technology. You’ll learn through videos, animations, graphics, audio clips, interactive learning tools, and so much more. You’ll forget you’re even taking a driver improvement course!

Quality You Can Trust

For over 10 years, we have provided state-approved driving courses to people across the nation, helping them keep their records clean and boosting their safe driving skills all from the comfort of home. We guarantee that you’ll get everything you need out of your Virginia Defensive Driving course, or your money back! Plus, for your convenience, we have a dedicated Customer Support team that works , to answer your questions and ensure that you have an experience that you’re satisfied with. Sign up today—your 5 Safe Driving points are waiting!

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